Congratulations for Chrysan and Intan!!!

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Congratulations for Chrysan Gomargana (g.XI) as the winner and Intan Wahda Nurlia (g.IX) as the runner up of English speech competition held by Science faculty of UPI Bandung... :)

Good News from Mama Nabiel

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Nabiel from 7B is now in Grade 8 in his new school, Harborne Academy Secondary School, in Birmingham, England. After passing the school's entrance exams, the school decided to put him directly into Grade 8 due to his abilities with English and other subjects. This means he has skipped a whole year. This is not the first time a TMI student has done this. It also happened to Akbar (Nabiel's classmate in Grade 6). There is a photo below of Nabiel wearing his new uniform.

I spoke to Mama Nabiel via fb yesterday. She had a lot of terrific things to share with us about Nabiel. Here are her words in verbatim about the entrance test at his new school: "Due to passing the tests (english, math, science, and computer tests) at the Harborne Academy Secondary School in Birmingham, UK, now Nabiel already in the year 8. Thank you to all Nabiel's teachers at TMI (ES and JHS)." She also added: "All the test was using computer, and Nabiel's best score was in math. The school said that Nabiel's English ability is good enough, compare[d] with 4 other students who join[ed] the test to be Harborne Academy student (from Africa, and other countries). But we didn't know the score. But, so far he has no problem at all studying at the school." She also said: "The school said that due to Nabiel's ability in speaking English is well, they [are] sure that he can understand the lesson in year 8." She also stated: " His math was excellent and his ability in speaking English has passed the standard as a there is no need for Nabiel to join the special language class."

Well, this is all wonderful news for Nabiel, his family, and for all of us at TMI. Mama Nabiel promised to send us some more photos of Nabiel in the future.

If you wish to learn about Nabiel's new school or become a friend of the school, you can find it on fb at: Harborne Academy